Creative Walden To Produce Online TV Show

Hope you are fit and healthy and raring to get creative.

Creative Walden is planning a weekly YouTube Show full of Book reviews, poems, Cycling advice, Cooking, Short stories, music, Photography hints and tips, Filmmaking show and tells.

Maybe you want to tell a joke or nominate your local hero (Nurses, doctors, Shop workers, delivery drivers, teachers and other key workers you are proud of) Just make your video and send a photo of your hero.

And for the writers – Please keep a journal, note down your own experience, write poems, short stories and song lyrics. We plan to do something on this lockdown experience when it’s all over.

We have made a short video giving advice on using your phone or tablet –

For more details go to

We’re hoping to get our first episode out this coming MONDAY, so don’t delay.

Stay safe, make sure you’re getting out for your daily exercise – Fresh air and sun on your face is incredibly important for your mental health.